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Starters | Vegetarian

Cocktail Samosa
Triangular puff pastry stuffed with delicately spiced vegetables
Vegetable Pakora
Potato, spinach and onion fritters flavoured with herbs and spices
Paneer Pakora
Cheese cubes with mint chutney spread, battered in chick pea flour
Fried Items
Aloo Tikki
Deep fried circular potato patties mashed with onion, ginger and spices
Haryali Paneer Tikki
Deep fried circular paneer patties mashed with spinach, potato and spices
Sesame Toast
White bread with a potato spread, coated with sesame seeds and fried
Mint Stuffed Potato Ball
Potato balls filled with rich mint flavour
Aloo Wada
Homemade battered balls filled with potatoes, spices and herbs
Pao Bhaji
A potato-based vegetable curry garnished with chopped onions and served with one lightly buttered and grilled pao (bread)
Tandoori Items
Paneer Tikka
Original paneer marinated in masala and cooked in Tandoor
Saunf Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka flavoured with fennel (saunf), cooked in Tandoor
Paneer Shaslik Tikka
Paneer Tikka flavoured with red pepper, tomato and onions, cooked in Tandoor
Achari Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka flavoured with achar (pickle), cooked in Tandoor
Tandoori Aloo
Potato halves stuffed with a mixture of cottage cheese, dried fruit and nuts, coated with sesame seed
Other Items
Chaat Papri
Crispy chips, chickpeas, potatoes and onions mixed in a sweet tamarind sauce and yogurt
Pani Puri
Small puffed puris filled with spiced potato and chickpeas, served with masala spiced water
Dahi Puri
Small puffed puris filled with sweet and spicy sauce, yogurt, tomato cubes, red onions, sev, and garnished with coriander
Bhel Puri
Puffed rice and short crispy chikpeas noodles mixed with sweet tamarind sauce and onions